Математические структуры и моделирование: Сб. научн. тр./ Под ред. А.К.Гуца. Омск: Омск. гос. ун-т, 1999. Вып. 4. 140 с.
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УДК 930.9
Модели многовариантной истории.

The World History can have different inconsistent variants. The principles of construction of such theory of many-variant history are discussed.

Фундаментальная математика

УДК 514.77
Е.Б. Гринкевич.
Существование моделей псевдоримановых пространств в синтетической дифференциальной геометрии.

In this article the theorem which states the existences of models of pseudo-Remain spaces in the context of the Synthetic Differential Geometry (SDG) is proving.

УДК 519.8
А.Л. Евстифеева.
Сравнение алгоритмов одного класса вполне регулярных процессов отсечения.

In this paper, we pose and discuss a number of questions about the cutting planes algorithm for trying to solve integer programming problems.

УДК 513.81
Д.В. Лахин.
Пространства А.Д. Александрова ограниченной сверху кривизны.

In this paper the following problem is studied. Let п: M' to M be a branched covering of smooth riemannian manifold M with metric d by manifold M. It is possible to draw the metric d from M into some metric d' on M'. And there appears a question: what conditions about M and п can ensure the metric space (M', d' ) to be an Alexandrov space of bounded curvature? This question is considered in given paper.

УДК 519.1
В.А. Мищенко.
Необходимое условие фасетности гребневых неравенств для многогранника связных 2k-факторов.
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In this paper a polytope --- convex hull of connected k-factors, where k is even, is considered. A necessary condition are derived, under which a comb inequality defines a facet of the polytope. It restrict the number of combs, which pretend to induce a facet.

УДК 513.81
А.Н. Романов.
Хронология и лоренцева функция расстояния.

The global hyperbolicity of distinguishing space-time with finite Lorentz function of distance is proved. The chronological maps of such causal space-times are studied


УДК 519.1
Н.Ф. Жихалкина.
Непрерывные модели и гравитационные аналогии в одной задаче гидравлики.

The calculation of the oil piperline optimum work is discussed in this paper. The reduction of this problem to the continuous model allows to use the gravitational optimization algorithm.

УДК 159.9
Е.Ю. Мандрикова.
Модель "интеллектуального диапазона" и прогнозирование достижений.

The problem of intellectual progress and improvement of human's activity is very actual now. This article deals with model of intellectual range. The author pays attention on high and low "intellectual boundaries" for such aspects of activity as learning, professional and creative work. Also the author mentions about the general intellectual structure models.

УДК 578.087
Л.В.Молчанова, О.К.Родионова.
Изменение оптико-дермального показателя в процессе онтогенеза человека.

Some results of optic-dermal index (ODI) data processing are discussed. The peculiarities of ODI changes during human being life time are shown for some special groups of patients.

УДК 578.087:519.6
R. Faizullin, V. Melnikov.
An Approximation for Large-Scale Brain Activity.

Finite element method and networking techniques are realized for the simulation of complex behavior of the co-operative brain activity. The electroactivity on the cortex surfaces and other brain structures can be decomposed on the two co-ordinated components. We can say the "charges" - neuron's spikes and about "potential fields" - more slow activity. Saccadic imaging can be transformed to the impulsation along cortex layers, motor reaction can be considered as complex sum of interactioned information. There is tally with the rhythms of the cortex and first eigenvalues of associated operator, there is EEG desynchronization.

Преподавание математики

УДК 681.14
Л.И. Боженкова.
Обучение учащихся векторному и координатно-векторному методу с помощью знаковых моделей.

In this paper we discribe the simbol model to learn the school-children for vector and coordinate-vector methods.

УДК 681.14
Н.А. Жигачева, Н.Г. Рыженко.
Графовое моделирование структур решений сюжетных задач.

The article deals with theoretical foundations for building the patterns to solve text problems, and it gives the classification of problems according to their solving complexity.

УДК 681.14 М.Н. Конопкина. Об эмпирическом подходе при изучении геометрического материала в 5-6 классах.
It is not a new idea to refuse from axioms and theorems in Geometry. But, it fact, it is seldom met in practice. The realization of this idea is possible in the field of applied Geometry, by using the empirical method.

УДК 681.14
М.Н. Конопкина.
Курс наглядно-практической геометрии в 5-6 классах.

The problems of teaching of the graphic practical geometry for children of 10-12 years old are investigated. The main methods and recommendatins of costruction of such geometric course are given. Some theoretical results are represented.

УДК 681.14
Н.Г. Русанова.
О формировании вероятностно-статистического мышления у учащихся 5-6 классов.

This paper shows us how it is important to have a probability-statistical method of thinking and how it is useful to form it just in the early school age.