Математические структуры и моделирование (Выпуск 13)
Журнал / Под ред. А.К.Гуца. Омск: Омск. гос. ун-т, 2004. Вып. 13. 190 с.
ISBN 5-8239-0152-6
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К пятидесятилетию от рождества Виктора Матвеевича Гичева

Прикладная математика и моделирование

С.Н. Астраков, А.И. Ерзин. Одна модель саморегулирующейся системы.
In this article a system of interactive elements is investigated. The interrelation of two elements may be presented by the edge in a given graph and depends on the quantity of resources directed from one to another. Depends on the distribution of limited amount of resources among the incident arcs and of strategy of elements the quality of the relations can be evaluated. In this paper we consider the case, when the valuation function reflects the threat from the neighbors, and a strategy of resource redistribution aim at minimization of maximum threat from the adjacent elements. The system evolution is investigated. An effective approach to find limiting and balanced state is proposed. In the case of complete graph the analytical representation for these states is found.

Е.Е. Голденок. Прямая и обратная эвентологические задачи Марковица: управление персоналом и заполнение ресурсов.
The paper offers an attempt of eventologically formulating, solving and interpreting the classic portfolio Markowitz problem and also new inverse version of this problem and pursues an end in theory and practice. A familiarization by eventology of portfolio analysis of a set of random events and a new notion of optimal portfolio of events assists to theoretical development of eventology without doubt. Portfolio methods of solving direct and inverse eventological problems expand an area of eventological applications.

М.А. Добренко, А.К. Гуц. Интуиционизм экономической арифметики.
In this article the intuitionistic aspects of real numbers and mathematical analysis that are applied in economics are discussed. The some axioms of economical arithmetics are postulated.

Н.Т. Копылова. Cтабилизация решения нестационарной задачи электрогазодинамики в случае вязкого теплопроводного газа.
In this article one problem of stability the non-stationary solution electrogasdynamics is presented.

К.В. Логинов. Эквивалентирование гидравлических схем при моделировании крупных районов теплосетей.
In this article is presented algorithms of decision of problem of flow in network, founded on method of progressive approximations, provide convergence on systems with number unknown 5 000-10 000 at number of iterations does not exceed 50; the number of regulators and parallel working in network of sources of pressure -- is not limited. Suitable visual shell for work with principle scheme of network is oriented on engineers, using heat networks.

Л.В. Недорезов, А.М. Садыков. О влиянии периодических возмущений на динамику популяции с перекрывающимися поколениями.

In paper there is the consideration of model of population dynamics with overlapping generations. Within the framework of model it is assumed that trajectories are broken periodically (there are the "jumps down") that can correspond to influence of winter periods onto insect population dynamics. The global properties of model are analyzed and, in particular, it was shown that if the probability of surviving during the winter period is constant there are no cyclic regimes in model (but at the same time there is the possibility of existence of regimes with several non-trivial stationary states). Also there are the considerations of some partial cases of model for the situations when the probability of surviving during the winter period depends on average of population size on any time interval. For considering partial cases one-parameter sets of discrete models were obtained (the time moments of determination of population size are used as set parameter) which are produced by the respective continuous-discrete model.

И.В. Уразова. О смежности дробных и целочисленных вершин многогранника задачи коммивояжера.
In given paper some properties concerning adjacency of vertices of polytope of Humiltonian cycles are shown.

Теоретическая физика

А.К. Гуц. Время, сознание, мультиверс.
In this article a new theory of time is presented. We assume that a number of parallel realities exists. Time is a form of consciousness. The collection of these realities is called multiverse.

В.В. Клишевич, Р.А. Кузякин. О расслоениях римановых пространств, допускающих второй оператор Дирака.
We consider Riemannian spaces where a second Dirac operator exists. In such spaces one can construct main bundle with a structure group and some specific bundles. The group of conjugations of Dirac operators is a structure group in the main bundle. Examples with the Minkowski space and one curved space are discussed.

О.Л. Курнявко, И.В. Широков, Ю.А. Юревич. Поляризация вакуума в поле Ааронова--Бома.
It is considered the charged scalar field, interactive with external Aharonov-Bohm field. An analytical expression for a vacuum energy-momentum tensor is received and dependence of a scalar field vacuum energy density on distance and field magnitude.

Е.В. Палешева. Решения уравнения Дирака с нулевым тензором энергии-импульса.
Spinor fields that have a property of vanishing energy-momentum tensor though non-zero current density are named ghost spinors, in a particular case of zero mass they are ghost neutrinos. In this direction some results have been received. In this article respective survey is presented.

В.А. Тюменцев. Полнота алгебры операторов симметрии уравнения Дирака в пространстве де Ситтера и функциональные соотношения между операторами.
In the four-dimensional space de Sitter of any signature all solutions for the Yano and Yano-Killing fields are found. According work

Л.А. Паутова, А.К. Гуц. Использование теории хаоса и странных аттракторов в исследованиях индивидуального и социального сознания.
In this paper the problems of theory chaos and strange attractors in sociology are discussed.

Методы защиты информации

О.Т. Данилова, Р.Т. Файзуллин. Автоматы Кауффмана как циклические генераторы заранее заданных команд.
In this article an application of NK Kauffman like automata for cyclic and exact generation for preliminary given some code words is presented.

В.И. Ефимов. Система контроля разграничения доступа на основе исследования корреляций потоков данных.
In this article а new approach for traffic control is presented.

Т.М. Опарина. Политика безопасности СУБД, обеспечивающая защиту от получения информации путем логических выводов.
In this articletechnology of a database security from reception the information from it by the way of logic conclusions is described .

Информационные технологии

О.А. Голованова, В.А. Когут, Е.Ю. Ачкасова, Е.В. Желяев. Разработка программного обеспечения для моделирования нуклеации в многофазных системах.
The mathematical model of dispersed phase crystallization based on Fokker-Plank equation is builded and its properties are studied. Numerical robust method solving nonlinear boundary problem and modeling software are developed.

О.Л. Епанчинцева, Е.А. Костюшина, Т.А. Погромская. Описание бизнес-процессов проведения приемной кампании в ОмГУ.
In this article a business processes of entrance examination at the Omsk State University is described . These models were realized by using such CASE Tools as BPWin and ARIS Toolset. The authors compare CASE Tools and give advices how to select convenient tools to construct business models.

Д.В. Малыгин. Выполнение свойства соединения без потерь на некоторых типах схем баз данных.
Building a correct query is of great importance in query-generating systems, and particularly, in systems that translate natural language queries to SQL-queries. It is sufficient to bound a set of relations, which are addressed in the query, to confront only objects related in the data domain. This problem is solved by execution of nonloss join on the set of relations forming the query. In this article a special case of nonloss join execution is considered – nonloss joins on the "star" and "snowflake" schemas, that are used in OLAP applications.


И.М. Зырянова, В.А. Мухин, О.В. Новикова. Разработка контролирующе-обучающей компьютерной программы «Электролиз».
To consideration the computer learning-supervising program on general and inorganic chemistry "Elektroliz" is offered. The program has block-modular structure, which can work as independently, and in a uniform complete set. The blocks contain a necessary theoretical material, set of exercises and tasks of a various degree of complexity. The module of adjustment allows to vary time of the answer for questions. The program works in operational systems Widows 95; 98; NT; 2000; ME (Millennium); the program is developed in environment C++ Builder 6. The minimal technical requirements: P – 133; RAM – 16 MB.

Е.В. Морозова. Повышение творческой активности в процессе цветовосприятия в ходе обучения студентов художественно-графических факультетов.
The article contains a brief review of activation of the creative process in the sphere of educational activity, using color preferences.

Е.В. Морозова. Фоновое окружение как фактор активизации творческой деятельности в процессе дизайна.
The gist of the article is in the importance of comfortable conditions in the course of educational process. Background environment is the factor which influences on creation of the students.