Математические структуры и моделирование (Выпуск 10)
Журнал / Под ред. А.К.Гуца. Омск: Омск. гос. ун-т, 2002. Вып. 10. 198 с.

Полная версия журнала

А.К. Гуц. Машина времени Геделя и проблема Александрова.
In this paper reminiscences on academician A.D.Alexandrov and the history of time machine problem are given.

Фундаментальная математика

С.Г. Кузьмин. Свойство Коэна-Маколея алгебры конкомитантов 2×2 матриц.
Algebras of concomitants of 2 by 2 matrices over any infinite field are described. It is proved that they are free modules over parameter subalgebras.

Б.К. Нартов. Об алгоритмах оптимального поиска неподвижных целей.
The problems of the control of searching the fixed targets in real time scale and the problems of the planning of searching the fixed targets with the loss risk are reduced to the optimum control problems in the work.

В.Е. Рольщиков. Однопараметрическое семейство аппроксимационных экстремалей в задаче Больца.
In this article the question of existence one-parameter family's decisions of Eller's equation in Bolza problem for nonsmooth functional is studied.

В.Н. Степанов. Замечания об интегралах кривизны выпуклой гиперповерхности .
The integrated equation of the first kind with the kernel dependent on scalar product within the Banach space of measures on \(S^{n-1}\), is being considered here. The theorem of the uniqueness of the equation solution relatively to the measures, which is used to prove the simple definiteness of the closed convex hypersurface on its integrals of curvature has been proved. The theorem of existence of the central symmetric closed convex hypersurface with the given integral of projection curvature has been proved.


Н.Ф. Богаченко, Р.Т. Файзуллин. Компьютерное моделирование начальной стадии коллапса на плоскости.
For collaps mass points cloud it is suggested the ring density characteristic which describes "in" shock wave formation.

А.К. Гуц. Игровой подход к решению задачи выбора оптимального управления аппаратом, двигающимся к группе целей.
The game theory approach to optimal conrol of apparatus that is moving to some group of aims is given. The well-known results of Krasovsky are used.

М.А. Добренко, А.К. Гуц. Математическая модель и оптимальное управление ценовой политикой торгового предприятия.
The mathematical model of the trade enterprise is constructed. The enterprises consists of two parts, one of which is selling the goods on on cashless calculation, а other is selling on available one.

С.В. Зыкин, А.В. Кукин. Построение математической модели учебного процесса для долгосрочного планирования.
In this article are presented the main aspects of the mathematical model of organization of the study process in university. As the basis for creation of the model five main elements were used: students, teachers, subjects, classrooms and time. The principles of coding information were given. The results of interaction between the basic elements were considered through the principles of creating adequate database. The schemes of the unified database on the principle of reduction of redundant information were proposed.

В.А. Маренко. Оценка индивидуальных знаний.
A comparison of the semantic human space and that of an amateur is presented in graphic form. A conclusion is given that the results of the investigation can be recommended for testing the users of consultation systems end for evaluation of human knowledge.

Н.А. Широкова. Математическое моделирование баланса инсулин–глюкоза в крови.
In this article the mathematical model of balance insulin-glucose in the blood of a human is presented.

Теоретическая физика

С.В. Белим. Исследование влияния упругих деформаций на критическое поведение неупорядоченных систем, описываемых двумя параметрами порядка.
A field-theoretical description of the behavior of disordered, elastically isotropic, compressible systems characterized by two order parameters at the bicritical and tetracritical points is presented. The description is performed in the two-loop approximation in three dimensions with the use of the Pade-Borel summation technique. The renormalization group equations are analyzed, and the fixed points corresponding to different types of multicritical behavior are determined. It is shown that the effect of elastic deformations causes a change in the regime of the tetracritical behavior of disordered systems because of the interaction of the order parameters through the deformation field.

Е.В. Палешева. Некоторые следствия разложения Гордона.
We use a new view to the our reality which is presented by Guts-Deutsch multiverse. In this article we consider some conclusions of the Gordon decomposition of Dirac current.

Р.В. Филиппов. O возможной нетождественности микрочастиц и волн де Бройля в квантовой теории.
The completeness of quantum theory can be achieved by introducing of DeBroglie waves and particles nonidentity principle. According to the principle particles are not identical in their free motion to corresponding DeBroglie waves, and can be experimentally separated from them. On the other hand existence of isolated DeBroglie wave is predicted, and its experimental detection is discussed. Different aspects of modeling experiments of separation procedure are analyzed.

Математическая социология и психология

В.В. Коробицын, Ю.В. Фролова. Социальная система: иерархия уровней и мультиагентное моделирование .
Тhe paper presents the hierarchical approach to construct the simulation model of complex social system on the base of multi-agent modelling technology. The system has the hierarchical structure. We consider the following subsystem levels: biosphere, ethnosphere, sociosphere, psychosphere, anthroposphere. To construct the multi-agent models for each subsystems. They are the separate parts of general complex system. We give the approach for merging these parts in a whole model of complex social system.

А.А. Лаптев. Аналитическое исследование математической модели «политическая дифференциация – степень адаптации».
This article is about analytical qualitative investigation the system of differential equations. This system describes the behaviour of the political and economic society systems. States of the equilibrium are explored. Phase-plane portraits are plotted.

Л.В. Розанова. Математическое моделирование влияния темпераментов .
On the basis of Hanter's model of interpersonal interaction in small groups and experiments on measurement of parameters of a nervous system, the model circumscribing dynamics of interpersonal attitudes with allowance for of temperaments in ideal small group is offered. It is supposed, that all members of group carry out identical time in conversations with the colleagues on group. The implementation of model on the programming language C++ Builder and outcomes of computer experiments is described.

Информационные технологии

В.И. Ефимов, Р.Т. Файзуллин. Система мультиплексирования разнесенного TCP/IP трафика.
Some special redirect points was added for security IP traffic construction.

И.А. Земсков. Имитационное исследование концепций сбора информации для индексов поисковых систем.
In the e article the description of web resources' information state \linebreak monitoring system is presented. Then two simulation models of this system for two building concepts were built. Computer models were realized on Python with SimPy package. The result of our own experiment is considered.

Д.Н. Лавров. Схема разделения секрета для потоков данных маршрутизируемой сети.
Scheme of division of secret for dataflows of network is offered.