Математические структуры и моделирование: Сб. научн. тр./ Под ред. А.К.Гуца. Омск: Омск. гос. ун-т, 1999. Вып. 3. 150 с.
ISBN 5-7779-0128-X
Материалы международного семинара "Методы прикладной математики и информационных технологий в многодисциплинарных исследованиях и проектах", Омск, 6-8 октября 1998 г.
Для научных работников, аспирантов и студентов старших курсов.
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УДК 167/168.001.8+519.71
В.И. Разумов.
Онтологические основания и методология подготовки многодисциплинарных исследований.

The problems of onthological foundation and methodolohy of multy-distiplinary reseaches are discussed

Средства поддержки проектов и обучения

УДК 681.3
С.Н. Андросов, С.Н. Чуканов.
Динамическая геоинформационная система.

In work the dynamic geoinformation control system of an object-oriented data base of dynamic objects is considered. Работа выполнена при поддержке Российского фонда фундаментальных исследований (грант No. 98-07-90130).

УДК 681.3
И.В. Бычков, Е.Л. Кухаренко.
Разработка распределенной ГИС ИНЦ СО РАН.

The technology of realization of remoted access to the resurses of maps is given.

УДК 629.73
Н.Н. Иванов, С.Н. Чуканов.
Разработка распределенной ГИС ИНЦ СО РАН.

In work the dynamic geoinformation control system of an object-oriented data base of dynamic objects is considered. Работа выполнена при поддержке Российского фонда фундаментальных исследований (грант No. 98-07-90130).

УДК 681.3
А.А. Бучнев, П.А. Калантаев, П.А. Ким, В.П. Пяткин
Системная поддержка процесса обработки цифровых изображений.

Digital image processing is the focuse of interests different experts: cartographers, programmers, geologists, etc. Distinctions of technological approaches to the work with images generate serious problems of their coordination. Developed in Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics of SB RAS the concept of uniform programmed envelope for join within it the heterogeneous algorithms, such as statistical methods for selection and analysis of the linear elements and ring structures on earth surface space-images, photogrammetric methods for transformations them to required cartographical projections, image-improving methods, tomographical reconstruction of images and analysis of medical images. Developed system allows to collect and supply versiones of heterogeneous algorithms; a simplicity of inclusion of newest; mobility for another platforms and technologies; polyfacultied investigations; tutoring to new kit of image processings.

УДК 519.71
В.В. Кромер.
Мера употребительности слова, основанная на психовизических соотношениях.

The method of selection of words is considered.

УДК 301.188.4:800.92
Н.П. Паpшуков, В.С. Польский, В.М. Стацинский.
Интеллектуальная поддеpжка pегионального кандидата в депутаты.

The methods of intellectual support of candidates for choice of deputaties.

УДК 519.71
Л.Б. Соколинский.
Структура средств компьютерной поддержки процесса прототипирования параллельной СУБД Омега для мультипроцессорной вычислительной системы МВС-100/1000.

The paper describes a set of computer aided design facilities, which were engaged for prototyping of the parallel DBMS (DataBase Management System), called Omega. This system is designed for MVS-100/1000 massively parallel computer system. These computer-aided facilities consist of a set of universal software tools from third-party vendors, as well as software tools especially designed for this project. The first part includes UNIX/Linux operating system, C++ compilers for MVS-100 and IBM PC, CVS (Concurrent Version System), DOC++ (a documentation system for C/C++), Router - a distributed operating system for MVS-100 and others. The second part corresponds to system software environment and includes topology support system, threads management system, messaging support system, profiler, debugger and disk management system. The paper describes a proper way to integrate these software tools for increasing the productivity of the cooperative development of such complicate software as parallel DBMS for supercomputer. Работа выполнена при поддержке Российского фонда фундаментальных исследований (грант No. 97-07-90148).

УДК 530.51
Д.В. Усов.
Коллективная разработка критичных по быстродействию приложений.

What is the problems of traditional team application development? The object models based on dinamic linking is of benefit to simplify developers interaction and speed up a work. But the popular complex technologies such as COM consume a lot of CPU and memory resource. In given paper new simple and effective object modes is discribed.

УДК 316.6:820(73)
В.А. Филимонов.
Китай как источник информационных ресурсов.

Russia and China have the same problems of defence and developing their culture. The project "Computer system for supporting of Russian-Chinese negotiations" is discussed. The aim of this paper is to invite for participation in the project.

УДК 658:681.3
В.А. Филимонов, В.А. Шашков.
Диалоговые системы Интернет в "Экран"-технологии.

The problem of expert's communications via Internet during the -technology session is considered. A comparative investigation of some "chat" (dialog) systems is offered.

УДК 517.91
С.Н. Чуканов.
Количественная оценка взаимодействия динамических систем.

In work the method of a quantitative estimation for the interaction of smooth nonlinear determined continuous systems by means of construction Kalman matrix is considered. Работа выполнена при поддержке Российского фонда фундаментальных исследований (грант No. 98-07-90130).

УДК 681.3
З.Я. Якупов, Г.Т. Юртаева.
О непрерывной математической подготовке студентов инженерно-технических специальностей при изучении математических, естественно-научных, общепрофессиональных и специальных дисциплин.

Consider offers according to introduction of modern educational technologies on teaching of mathematical sciences to students of engineering specialities for continuous mathematical training and for adaptation of future specialists to professional activity in the new conditions of society's and industry's development.

Социо-экологические системы и процессы

УДК 519.6
А.К. Гуц.
Социальная психология и компьютерное моделирование.

The problems of modeling and simulation of social mental processes are discussed.

УДК 517.91
Б.Н. Епифанцев, Е.М. Михайлов.
Прогнозирование загрязнения воздуха городским автотранспортом.

In the article model of traffic in conditions of "handicaps" (street-holes, a child running out into the street, a prohibiting signal of a traffic light and etc.) is considered. Analytical expression of speed distribution density of a vehicle is proposed. On the basis of this expression, the range of pollution by transport means is determined in accordance with the road maintaince and other factors. The computer program for ecological influence of motor-cars in the city is described here. The way of the further development of the program is planned.

УДК 519.6
В.В. Коробицын.
Компьютерное моделирование биосферы.

This article is demonstrate the simulated result of global dynamic processes of Biosphere. The model of Biosphere is a system of 24 non-linear differential equation. The model of Biosphere is a part of Society's model.

УДК 519.6
А.А. Лаптев.
Математическое моделирование социальных процессов.

The goal of our work is to attempt and describe social processes in a mathematical language and to build a system of differential equations describing global evolution of the society. We build a model of social process with a periodic (cyclic) and stable solution.

УДК 001.8+519.7
В.А. Шапцев.
Информационная экология человека. Постановка проблемы.

Informational pressing and noise are making discomfort to informational field of everybody. Long time information search leaves only a little time for creative work and effective relaxation. Ardor and excessive enthusiasm during, for example, communication with Internet decreases body alertness to external influence. The exit of this situation is synthesis of PC, HF, TV and Medical Real Time Diagnostics (Man Monitoring). Then goes a tool for adaptive control of communications between human and computer and adaptive filtration of different-sources incoming information.

Исследование текстов

УДК 025.4.036:681.3
П.И. Браславский.
Распознавание стилей речи применительно к информационному поиску: постановка задачи.

The problems of information overload have become more pressing with the increasing popularity of Internet. The main information retrieval mechanisms in the Net are based on keyword search. The variety of Internet documents often makes the technique ineffective and suggests an idea of using a functional genre attribute as an additional dividing parameter. A problem definition and a framework for implementation of such method are presented. The proposed method for recognizing text genres allows to improve Internet keyword searching.

УДК 530.51
А.С. Гуменюк.
О числовом анализе строения знаковых последовательностей и массивов упорядоченных данных.

Number analysis of structure of symbol sequences and massives of ordered datas is discussed.

УДК 519.71
О.Г. Чанышев.
Ассоциативная модель реального текста и ее экспериментальная проверка.

Characteristics text's prototype, generated by automat-"writer", give a chance objective check of the real text assotiative model. Happen To short results of autoindexing by the system GIOS real texts of different genres and text of present article.